Leading tomorrow with legacy of leaders

Mrs. Ashwini Inamdar Advisor

A Philanthropist, with a view of making a change!

Ashwini comes from Mumbai’s devoted nationalist family. Father a civil officer, one brother
served in Indian Navy and another brother, a B.Tech from IIT Delhi, worked for the developing
the textile industry of India.
Ashwini has enterprising nature and is an active partner in an exporting firm having star export
house status of the Indian government. She is active in different forms of art and culture and leads in contributing to social causes, both physically and financially.
From the concept of FHDAF, Ashwini is a part of the core team that Madhuri Sahasrabudhe has
formed for implementation of the noble objectives of FHDAF.
Ashwini has traveled to many places within and outside of India. She and her family happily
live in Pune.