Need for the initiative

Students on educational campuses, who come from other states of India, sometimes feel alienation and psychological pressure. Some of them are not able to concentrate on studies, perform poorly, and take drastic steps like quitting education or in extreme cases even show suicidal tendencies.

EHSAS wants to become a bridge between such students and the authorities to solve these problems.

Before this kind of initiative, students were apprehensive of directly approaching the concerned authority with their emotional and psychological needs.


Here intervention happens on a personal level with the concerned student, maintaining a good rapport. This rapport is built between the EHSAS first ladies staying on or off-campus and the out of state students, largely by interaction and planning and executing social-cultural events. If there is any discomfort or behavioral change is observed in any of the students, it is identified and counseled personally by the first lady with a motherly attitude.

Many cases get solved at this stage. If the case is beyond the capacity of the lady, it is referred to the concerned department through the spouse of the lady.

Due to the lack of awareness in some troubled states, students don’t get a chance to develop their life skills, soft skills, and their personality for better employment.

EHSAS has identified the need for their specific needs in this area and conducts the development programme specifically designed for such students.

In Urdu, EHSAS is empathy. FHDAF is abiding to create harmony among the various stakeholders of the Education Field by building EHSAS while enhancing harmony by serving above self. Our target area is students who are away from their homes, their families, their culture, and their food habits.

We firmly believe that when you extend the helping hand with the mother’s heart, you are going to get what you expect and our expectation is the holistic development of children who study in the colleges. We want to create the student force with holistic development who will dedicate themselves to the nation.

Project presence

  • Delhi
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Ladakh
  • Karnataka
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Odisha
  • Maharashtra