Building a better tomorrow for India, today

FHDAF Foundation for Holistic Development in Academic Field

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s nation, and as you read this, today’s youth are our in classrooms, living out their duties as students. Students play a pivotal role in any nation’s growth. From Japan to Western Europe, the results of investing in students is not just evident, but resounding. A nation is not shaped in a year or decade; a nation is shaped over generations of constructive efforts adding up to a big change. The root drivers of change here are students, and they alone can weave a virtuous society which in turn builds a strong nation.

Imparting quality education is the prime responsibility of society, so that our students get nurtured to become a strong foundation for the nation. Education develops character in students and helps develop a personality that balances their emotional, social and intellectual growth. In the recent past, due to eye catching incidents, the harmony and sanctity of academic institutions has been disturbed. If social equality is questioned, it threatens social stability and this can be avoided by promoting social balance.

Most academic institutions have on-campus activities and programs to encourage a balanced approach to academia, and ensuring social understanding and inclusion. Campuses provide counsellors and champion mentor-mentee programs to help troubled students to cope with the various stresses of new-age education. Faculty members also make themselves accessible and help students wherever possible.

Despite all this, there are gaps begging to be filled. In most academic institutions, heavy workload creates a mechanical atmosphere and fosters an impersonal and materialistic approach to life. Such an environment is far from being conducive to troubled students opening up to teachers, mentors, counsellors or even their peers.
Allow us to introduce a unique concept we’ve developed – “Role of the First Lady”.
In our context, First Ladies are the spouses of the heads of institutions or organisational departments – wives of Director, Principal, Deans, H o Ds, and wardens and so on. Most of them live on campus, and hence are very accessible.


  • To create holistic ambiance on the campuses of academic institutions.
  • To bring a personal touch that is missing in the field of education.
  • To create socially and emotionally balanced citizens.

Mothers are versatile beyond comprehension. They perform the role of a parent, teacher, guide, mentor and friend, seamlessly switching from one to another as is needed by the child. We believe that by expanding their motherhood and bringing all students under their umbrella of support, we can setup a support system for students that they can trust and lean on, as they would their own mother.


  • To assess the Engineering and Technology Institutions from all the states on the basis of Social and Emotional Wellbeing of the students.
  • To create presence of First Lady concept in all the states.
  • To create a core group of mothers who will work for the “idea of ideal mothers”.
  • To study the “idea of ideal Mothers” from all over world to understand and compare the concept of motherhood across the globe.

Bring a wave a transformation by devoting your precious time and contributing towards a social cause.