FHDAF is in the process of making groups of volunteer ladies on the educational campuses who can voluntarily work for the students.

These volunteers are usually the senior lady faculty members, wives of the Directors, Principals, Head of the Departments/ wardens of the respective institutions.

The area of work is understanding Psychology of the students, building up an informal and collaborative relationship between them and the institutions, for the student’s development. This needs effective communication. As the nature of the work is sensitive and demands proper guidance, we have created ‘Train the Trainer Programme’
Under this programme, we train the volunteers registered with us, who can further train the other ladies on the campus.

Ideally, a one-day workshop is conducted at one location for a cluster of institutes. The workshop is conducted by experts in the field. The idea and philosophy of FHDAF are explained to the group. They are given a presentation on the counseling and communication skills they need to develop. Moreover, they are given a clear understanding of their role and do’s and don’ts while performing it.

The programme is informative, interactive and participative as it includes various activities, role plays, and games. After this programme, the trainers are able to work for the cause and bring the desired results. FHDAF also offers extended, need-based help to the trainers.

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Project presence

  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • Dehradun