Madhuri Sahasrabudhe

Right from a young age, Madhuri Sahasrabudhe was socially inclined and righteous,
having being raised in poverty by 2 very hardworking parents.
Back in the 1980s, she participated in the Assam Andolan of ABVP and worked as a
full-time worker in Latur. A few years later in the early 1990s, she worked to set up a
school for tribal children in Itanagar (Shai Yari Vidya Niketan). Hundreds of tribal
students gained access to quality education and a healthy learning atmosphere as a
After moving to Guwahati while working in the school as a teacher and seeing the
the plight of women suffering under their drunk husbands and victimized by ULFA, she
started an NGO ‘Swayampura’; which set up Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the
handloom industry so the women of North Guwahati could become self-reliant and
educate their children well.
While working in AIRFORCE SCHOOL Pune as Principal she was awarded Best
Principal from Rotary Club Pune
Most recently, Madhuri has been working towards a vision of integrating India&’
border states more tightly into the mainland. Her unwavering belief that ‘when
borders are safe, the country is safe and when people staying in borders feel
like an integral part of the country, the borders will be safe’; led her to
launch FHDAF (Foundation for Holistic Development in Academic Field), and
organization that works primarily with students from Jammu and Kashmir. The core
concept behind this is simple yet powerful – motherhood. If a mother is brave and
strong in her upbringing of children and imparting values, the likelihood of them
going off track is very low. To validate and further explore this concept, Madhuri
undertook a road journey (self-driven) from Delhi to Myanmar passing through North
East states in 2016. She found, to her pleasant surprise, that her concept was not
only received by regular mothers, but also by some extremist forces who accorded
her motherly respect and gave her protection while traveling through unstable areas
in the North East.
In 2018, Madhuri, along with 3 other mothers went on a self-driven road journey from
Delhi to London, covering 23657 kilometers and 20+ countries, meeting and
discussing with mothers from a wide range of cultures. The response was
overwhelming. In 2019 she organized an international conference on VASUDHAIV
KUTUMBAKAM in which 32 mothers from 7 countries participated and got first-hand
experience of Indian family system and mothers role in it. Madhuri was the leader
and visionary of this mission.
For her commendable work, UP government tourism department conferred on her
NARI SHAKTI SWAROOPA award. She was also conferred ADARSH MAHILA
award by Legal Rights council India. She is now working towards a second ‘Mothers
on Wheels’; a trip through South East Asia and Australia.

Let’s come together to create tomorrow’s socially and emotionally balanced citizens. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Ameya Sahasrabudhe

Ameya graduated from IIT Bombay in 2013 and following a brief stint in the oilfield industry, he has been a serial entrepreneur since early 2015. He previously co-founded Ithaka, an app-based travel startup that has over 100k downloads and attracted strategic investment from Thomas Cook India among other independent investors. After moving on from Ithaka, Ameya took a year-long sabbatical to travel the world, gathering experiences from Oceania to South America and many places in between. He is currently employed as Director of Growth with Viviva Colorsheets, a proud Indian homegrown art supplies brand.

FHDAF is doing wonderful work across many fields. The two most inspiring facets of this organization are EHSAS and Mothers on Wheels. EHSAS is a compassionate, maternal approach to helping Kashmiri youth. From helping them obtain educational scholarships to mentoring them in a familial manner so they feel at home, whether it be in Chennai or Guwahati. Mothers on Wheels is a brilliant exponent of Bharat’s dharma as Vishwa Guru. We have one of the finest cultures evolved over millennia. The team does a great job of bringing this culture to foreign shores with only love and compassion in their hearts.